Song Recommendations PT 1
Song Recommendations PT 1 music stories
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ivoryannalise #BlackLivesMatter
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This is the start of my series where I share my song recommendations for the entire year. 366 songs!! (plus song extras, cause I went a little crazy. )
Enjoy! <3

Song Recommendations PT 1

This is the start of my series where I share my song recommendations for the entire year. 366 songs!! (plus song extras, cause I went a little crazy.)

Anyway, I'll be sharing them weekly, but since I'm behind, I'll share Week One & Two in this post. I'm going to share several of these posts this week to get caught up. On to the songs!

Week One: January 1st - 4th

Tied Down by Jaymes Young.

"These days the lovers trade their places. Dancing all around each other's chairs. I can see the numbness on their faces. Jealousy fills up their hearts in pairs."

Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time by Panic! at the Disco.

"What are these footprints? They don't look very human like. Now I wish that I could find my clothes. Bedsheets and a morning rose. I wanna wake up."

Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) by Fall Out Boy.

"I hope the roof flies off and I get blown out into space. I always make such expensive mistakes. I know it's just a number but you're the 8th wonder. I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color."

Jam Jam by IU.

"Between people capable of knowing these things. Isn't it just manners to pretend to fall for such lies? I don't care, I'll become a fool, let's try everything. Don't give me an opportunity to think it through." (English Translation)

Week Two: January 5th - 11th

Outro: Tear by BTS.

"Goodbyes are, for me, a tear. Without even knowing, it blooms around my eyes. The words that I could not bring myself to say flow down. And lingering regret crawls over my face." (English Translation)

Glow by Stray Kids.

"We can rest but it's still too early. We need to rest but it's still so far away. The path we must go on. Even though we can't see the end, we must go to the end." (English Translation)

Champion Remix by Fall Out Boy featuring RM of BTS.

"Have you ever felt how hard it is to be an anybody. To be living, to be breathing, not choosing a dead body. Remember, the man told me that this life is a party. Yeah, all the glory's so short you should put away the garbages."

Message Man by Twenty One Pilots.

"Release me from the present, I'm obsessin', all these questions. Why I'm in denial that they tried this suicidal session. Please use discretion when you're messin' with the message, man. These lyrics aren't for everyone, only few understand."

Sorry by The Rose.

"I feel tired tonight. A word that you can't forget in a breeze. Sorry, for not turning back. Sorry, for selfish self of mine." (English Translation)

Diamond by EXO.

"A fire burning even deeper, not knowing how to stop. A burning heat all over my body, enduring through time." (English Translation)

Insomnia by The Rose.

"I wish you told me "hold onto me." I'll be reluctant to turn back. The memory I thought I had forgotten. That memory swallows me up one day. Where are you now?" (English Translation)

And that's all for this post!! <3 Hope you check out & enjoy these songs. The link to the playlist will be in the comments. -IAL

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