Smear #3 (The Smearing of the Mitochondria)
Smear #3 (The Smearing of the Mitochondria) smear stories

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This is a poem that was written for my science class. It was written in all fun and is not meant to offend anyone. Enjoy!

Smear #3 (The Smearing of the Mitochondria)

by The Cell Wall

Mitochondria, mitochondria,

The powerhouse of the cell,

That's really swell.

But you are not silken,

When you affect a civilian.

Mitochondria, mitochondria,

Within weakness and pain,

You will not reign.

Your diseases affect,

And leave us all wrecked.

So stop this campaign,

That much is plain.

This was a poem that I made for a science project.

We are running an 'election' to see who the best organelle in the cell is. There are a few more to come. Hope you all enjoyed my silly rhymes.

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