Panicked Breaths
Panicked Breaths school stories

ivoryannalise It's okay, little crystalline shell.
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Attacks come in all forms and mediums. Some are physical and violent. Others are a little harder to see them happening...

Dedicated to my little sister.

Panicked Breaths

by ivoryannalise

A nervous girl braves a nightmarish abyss.

Its darkness laughs at her malformed stance.

She tries to answer its cruelty with a wave of dismiss.

Instead, the evil words swelter and multiply by her glance.

Witty replies form but become choked murmurs.

The abyss swells, strength making it grow continuously bold.

In response, the girl’s resistance flails, refusing to become firmer.

Time creeps along- She’s overtaken.

The world blurs and slides, causing trepidation like a robber's blindfold.

Past haunts and traumas awaken.

Tears stream from eyes too full to hold back.

Butterflies invade her stomach as palms begin to shake.

The debilitating feeling is a thundering smack,

All fierce stutters and an anxious ache.

Her attack ends with a few panicked breaths.

The nightmare is gone, scattering away. She somehow outmaneuvered this test?

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