Night's Notion
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ivoryannaliseLife beckons - remember to heed it. 💜
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Night is a reoccurrence. It's a repeated consistency that we can rely on, but for many, the darkness that it wields is only a thing of terror. The darkness of night is not something to take lightly, for, within that blinding dark, many things can wander free. Things that would never frighten us during the daytime.

Night's Notion

by ivoryannalise

Night rolls in, a great tide from the ever-shifting ocean,

Beneath its waves is nothing but senseless commotion.

It calms the joyous notes of day with such devotion,

And swallows all light in the blink of a speeding locomotion.

Dread fills each person as a reigning emotion,

As they await night's dark potion.

The horizon is filled with a colorful motion,

Which soon dulls into the present darkness of night's notion.

Daylight is dissolved into a dark demotion,

And people are left to use artificial light as a soothing lotion.

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