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Part 3 of my Fact sharing!! We have far more to discover!

A Current Fandom

by ivoryannalise

Okay, so yesterday I shared with you guys my obsessive nature towards fandoms.

Well, today I am here to share my love for one of these fandoms.

And that fandom is...

And that fandom is... Drumroll, please?

Hamilton: An American Musical & In The Heights. (They're both great.)

(So I'm basically just a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan. This nerd right here->)

(Yeah, I'm that nerdy person.) (^ He's still the nerdiest, though.)

I held out on Hamilton for years before I finally listened to it, and once I did...

It's been love ever since. (Like, literally, I listened to it last December. 0_0)

It's so well written and the music gets stuck in my head with every listen.

I feel the same way about In The Heights though I've just listened to it within the last month. (I will always connect with Usnavi's story and character.)

Both are brilliant pieces of work! Lin-Manuel Miranda really knows what he's doing! I highly recommend both musicals. <3

REMEMBER! If you want to join in, tag your story #onefact or tag @kaylynn in your comment section!

Alright. Enough rambling. -IAL

Alright. Enough rambling. -IAL (Told you I liked that sign-off!)

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