Missing Olive (Loving Olive One)
Missing Olive
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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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Dear Olive, <br/>The time has come for you to crack open all those letters that I know have been piling up in your drawer. Go on. I promise they won't bite. Don't you want to find out all I went through to have you? <br/>Take a deep breath, Olive, for the journey is a long one.<br/>-T.B.

Missing Olive (Loving Olive One)

by ivoryannalise

Olive, 1.1.1.

Today is the first of a long line to come. My carefully constructed plan will finally be put into motion. All those days of endless of planning and testing have finally led up to this.

My masterpiece! I am truly excited to get this started. It is nearly time now, so I must be going. Farewell, my sweet Olive, till time has once more brought us closer. -T.B.

Olive, 1.3.1.

It has begun! I never thought I would ever have this feeling of being so exhilarated, so utterly alive. It's amazing, I tell you, Olive! The way she felt underneath me in those few seconds before

it slid into her skin, it made my blood boil with anticipation and need. The way the knife felt in my hand. Amazing, I tell you! The high was remarkable! Twelve times, Olive! Twelve times it

happened! So many times I stabbed her! After it was all said and done, I took everything required for us. Only the things that will last are being saved, so don't worry!

They'll find her body in a few days, covered in my lovely art. It's amazing what a single knife can do to a person's appearance. I don't know if I'm more nervous or excited about them finding

her. But I'm not doing this for the world, I'm doing this for us and only us! Only eleven more years, Olive. Please hold on and wait! I will be with you soon, I promise you that!

Farewell, my sweet Olive, till time has once more brought us closer. -T.B.

This is part one of a series called Loving Olive.

Loving Olive is one of three different series that are interconnected. :D P.S. This is not about rape! He's stabbing her, just to clarify. He's a pretty messed up person.

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