Heartaches & Ideals
Heartaches & Ideals twin stories

ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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Will my heart crash and burn with no extinguisher?
The worst kind of heart ache comes from the ones we least expect.

Heartaches & Ideals

by ivoryannalise

When my heart no longer has the ability to feel,

Will I spin uncontrollably as a pinwheel?

It's bleeding, spilling too much crimson to conceal.

How many cracks hide behind my stubborn ideals?

The pain is like a fairy dance, so surreal.

It's so unexpected like an ill-placed cartwheel.

So quick. The wound has no time to congeal.

Never would I have guessed what that heartache reveals.

Best friend. Worst enemy. Consistent in my life as steel.

One in the same. Yet she cracks my heart like a lemon peel.

But day after day, spinning around life's Ferris wheel,

I know, in time, my heart shall heal.

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