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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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Here is the #6 fact about me!! Commaful's not my only creative platform...

Creative Platforms

by ivoryannalise

Alright. So here's another fact to keep up with @kaylynn's trend!

I have a Youtube channel.

Where I actually post videos. 0_0 Crazy, I know

I started it with my twin back in 2016, and the days we've spent recording are hilarious memories.

I've filmed at my school, on vacation, in our home, all over our neighborhood, and at random parks. (We film a LOT of places. XD)

I've even had to get into a lake in October. Which was cold. And crazy.

I love our baby channel and all the weird videos we've posted.

Which includes: bloopers, music videos, skits, AMVs and even a stop-motion animation.

We do lots of crazy things!

A link will be in the comments if ya want to check us out!

Subscribe!!! (Or not, if ya want. Just thought I'd do some nearly shameless self-promotion.)

REMEMBER! If you want to join the fact telling Just tag your story #onefact OR Tag @kaylynn in your comments!

Till we meet again. -IAL

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