Beyond Reach
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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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There are few things in this world that are hidden and beyond reach. The night sky, with its wonder and beauty, is one of these things. Yes, we've explored its vast reaches, but we've barely scratched the surface. For the stars are lonely, and the sky is just their prison.

Beyond Reach

by ivoryannalise

The night sky is forever filled with things beyond reach.

Beautiful objects that can never be described with such common speech.

They are waiting out there for a soul to teach.

Hidden as they are, they are still willing to screech.

They wish to break that veil in a single breach,

And to make themselves known in a large outreach.

For the sky is lonely, hidden away like a jar of bleach,

And the stars are all it has to guide and to preach.

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