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The second A Random Fact has come!! Find out a bit more about me.

By: ivoryannalise

A Small Thing

by ivoryannalise

So... I have a confession to make.

Fandoms are my life and how I connect to people.

So when joining a new one, it's no wonder I put my all into that fandom.

I tend to become a bit obsessive for a bit...

Basically, till I know as much as I can about the fandom.

I've been known to obsess over anything from anime to Broadway to books. If it's creative and a form of art, I usually love it.

Friends say I'm 'obsessive' this way because I'm so full of life.

Who knows?

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Till next time! - IAL

Till next time! - IAL (P.S. I kinda like that as my sign-off. I might use it from now on. Thoughts?)

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