A Place
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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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They say we're destined to all have a certain path to walk in life. It could be rough or it could be smooth. It all depends on you. <br/>This is a poem about places. We all have one, but does that mean that we all find them?

A Place

by ivoryannalise

Everybody has their place in this world.

It is a natural thing we cannot ever hope to change.

The willow had to cry,

Until it's branches kissed the icy ground.

The bee had to fly,

Until its wings could no longer beat the air.

The fisherman had to fish,

Until all the rivers and oceans ran dry.

And so the teacher had to teach,

Until the chalk crumpled to dust and the students all simply disappeared.

And so the story goes on...

Until the very end of time.

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