A Crowds' Hurdles
A Crowds' Hurdles social phobia stories

ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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A crowd to a common passerby may seem like a small thing, but to some, it is a great thing of fear. For some, it brings out the worst in them. The thing that scares them the most. And all a crowd stands for to them is one great big hurdle of fear.

A Crowds' Hurdles

by ivoryannalise

I have a great secret to tell you all.

Though it may seem rather small.

I do not want to bawl,

But I do tend to appall.

The bile rises in my throat,

As I think about the passing note.

But with all my misquotes,

It's hard to keep afloat.

All I do is go in circles,

When it comes to anything verbal.

I want to hurdle curses,

But all I'm left with is useless verses.

My hands begin to shake,

As the crowd becomes my nightmare in wake.

I want to leave behind the blind snakes,

And find a new hope at daybreak.

And then,

Time and again

I am left with my crippling fear.

It all might seem rather queer.

Its all becoming very clear,

It leaves me feeling like a young deer.

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