Miss me?
Miss me? sad stories
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itxcobrabixch ur typical dirty hippie sad poet
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"I really do miss you"

Miss me?

"I really do miss you"

those words relinquished my fears

his 6 syllables feel notably warm and complete

I no longer waited in doubt

for the answer I was yet to receive

but he released them with much ease

but the weight remained on my shoulders

compacting its meaning upon my being

What have I don't to deserve such passion?

and why must I receive it so frequently

as a reward for my confusion and scorn

My mind craves his attention

My body craves his company

My heart craves his unconditional love

but my soul desires the gentle shiver of self assured loneliness

Why must I carry the burden of loving his spirit

When I am incapable of being in love with his entity

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