Why am I not enough?
Why am I not enough? sad stories
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itsyagirl Community member
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Why am I not enough?

Why am I not enough?

Does my coiled coffee hair not excite you?

Do my deep mysterious eyes not draw you further?

Does the way I laugh not make you smile?

Is my shyness too stale for your extroversion?

Is it my want for you that makes you want me less?

What is it?

What can I change to make you love me the way I love you?

What can I do to make you look at me the way you look at her?

The lengths to which I would go for you to shine that damned smile at me

Is it her blonde hair? Is it her sun kissed skin? Is it her Forrest green eyes? Is it her adventurous persona?

What is it?

I’m going insane

This feeling. . . It hurts so much

Why. . .

Why am I not enough for you?

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