The Girl

itsmoeyyywriter. dreamer.
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We all have an alter ego.

The Girl

by itsmoeyyy

I met a strange girl today She had dark hair and her skin was gray. I saw her raw feelings set at bay 'Let's have a chat.' she began to say.

We sat by the bush under a tree 'I don't feel well.' she said to me. 'My world's so dark that I can't see, It feels like always this will be.'

'How come it's like that?' To her I ask 'Just turn on the lights, under them bask.' She laughed at me, 'that's no easy task, 'That's why everyday I wear a mask

She shifted her gaze and looked at the sky, Her face so pale, her eyes asking why, She looked at me looking rather sly, Before my eyes she began to cry.

'It all began when I was young, When deep inside a fear had clung, My heavens, it really stung, When I had to leave some songs unsung.'

'It began to worsen every year, The worries murky, never clear. Somehow there's always a certain fear, Within those shadows my demons leer.'

'It feels so dark, not a ray of light. When depression set all joy in flight. It doesn't care for what's wrong or right, For as long as my pain is within its sight.'

'However I learned to disguise it all, Before everyone I stood tall. I was careful not to let any tears fall, Even if my monsters always call.'

'It has been woven into my soul, I wonder when all this will take a toll. 'Cause over my mind I've no control, Isn't that my monsters' goal?'

Somehow it felt like I knew her, Like a vision from a dream's blur. I asked if a first meeting did occur, She then answered me in a slur.

'You know within yourself that we've met, Millions of times I can even bet. But you choose every time to rather forget, Other times we meet you even fret.'

I looked at her and began to see, The uncanny resemblance caused me wanting to flee. Because it hit me while we were under that tree, I began to realize that the girl was me.

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notashleyY o U r F u t U r E A u t h O r
9 months agoReply
This is magnificent!! The way you made every word rhyme and the rhythm is so steady! Your words defiantly captivate readers in a poetic way! I simply loved this! <3

trisarahtopsIf music is the food of love, play on.
a year agoReply
This is crazy deep. Love it.

a year agoReply
i knew it was about herself!!!