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*trigger warning: self-harm, suicide*


by itsmoeyyy

*trigger warning*

Lost, pained and broken, She looked at herself in the mirror, Her eyes red and swollen, Her reflection marred with horror.

His folks never see him, Though he's always home. The lights in his life have gone dim, Relief, he knew, would never come.

The days seemed dead, The nights so alive. Nothing could be said, Of the way her senses thrive.

No one saw him drowning, How could anyone though? He was always grinning, Everyday a fantastic show.

She knew it wasn't right, But it was better than crying. She slit her skin open at night, Covering them up come morning.

His mind is being too loud, On top of a chair there's no stopping him now. "I guess I can never make my parents proud." He said as he took his final bow.

Every mind is a story to tell, Some parts you'll never know. So please don't think you know us so well, Because truth be told our real selves we don't really show.

And after all these things, We're all a bunch of messed up kids. Around our necks suspended strings, Our arms tattooed with bleeding wrists.

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