I Saw You Today
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They saw each other again

I Saw You Today

by itsmoeyyy

I saw you today...

You were with her. She's beautiful.

You look better too, more than a man than the boy I remember.

The boy I left.

She probably said something 'cause you were laughing. I'm glad she can make you laugh.

I miss that laugh.

Both of you looked happy. You looked happy.

Until you saw me staring. You stopped laughing. Then smiled a sad smile. Who knew such a happy gesture can break me so much?

It's been five years...

I looked away, didn't care to smile back. I just can't. It hurt too much.

I wanted to run to you and hug you. But...

It finally hit me like a rock. You have moved on.

Without me.

I saw you today...

You were alone. It still pained me to see you frown.

You look better, your hair a little longer. God, you remained so beautiful still.

I hope you're happy

But clearly you aren't.

I gave you a smile. But you looked away.

I still miss you. I know I still love you. I never stopped.

I felt her tug me. I don't love her like I love you.

I never will.

I wanted to chase you and kiss you. But...

It hit me like a cold shower. I lost you.

You're gone.

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