A Writer's Letter
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itsmoeyyywriter. dreamer.
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An open letter

A Writer's Letter

by itsmoeyyy

I am a girl who writes.

Within my existence, I live many lives.

I reveal myself through stories and sonnets, every word an incarnation of a part of myself I can't quite depict with my actions.

If you want to find me, then meet me through my words...pore over my writings and know me amidst losing yourself in the cradle of my poetry.

Listen intently to the hum of my rhymes, and I promise you, you will begin to hear my very voice.

Read the ramblings I tacklessly type; be patient, and in time, you'll see that between the lines, you'll find me...

...you just have to look harder, dear.

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itsmoeyyywriter. dreamer.
a year ago
*trigger warning: self-harm, suicide*

itsmoeyyywriter. dreamer.
3 months ago
Dear Mom
Dear Mom, this is what I've always wanted to tell ...

itsmoeyyywriter. dreamer.
a year ago
The Girl
We all have an alter ego.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
9 months agoReply
This was a very tasteful poem/story. It had a lyrical flow. It was also led from the heart, sincere, honest, and charming. Great poem!!!