Snapshots [part-I]
Snapshots [part-I] lyrical stories

iteenprincessWattpad Author
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A little romantic story-telling about two people meeting, and falling in love with tenderness.

Snapshots [part-I]

by iteenprincess

I headed towards my room and lay on the bed feeling tiresome, turned to one side, facing towards the setting sun. It seemed saturated in the clouds. It seemed different, absolutely abnormal.

He kept on speaking as if he was the real judge. Are we both any similar? No, of course not. I don’t even know him, no.

From the corner of eye I saw him again staring at me. But I couldn’t understand his expression. He caught me and this time he didn’t let go of me.

I felt good. It felt like he cared about me. It’s a strange feeling. It seemed like sparks were flying.

I woke up to find my head resting on his chest and his hand wrapped around my shoulder. It took me minute to realize that our hands were intertwined with each other.

I never had this kind of feeling before, what I feel with her. Her green eyes were so beautiful and her baby smile was so cute.

He unintentionally brushed his arm against my arm. It sent chills down my body as we came in contact with each other.

We walked down to our rooms, hand-in-hand. I felt like a princess in my fairytale.

We danced together, our bodies pressed against each other lightly. We’re lost in each other’s eyes.

His face resembled like that of an angel in the moonlight. A smile played on his lips as he cupped my cheek and ran his thumb on my lower lip.

The truth is I love him with all my soul. I’m irrevocably, impenetrably and irreparably in love with him.

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