The One He Loved
The One He Loved goldenhair stories

isbelkunRavenclaw. Storyteller. Living to die.
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She was beautiful. And he loved her. But she did not love him.

The One He Loved

by isbelkun

He fell in love with a girl he thought was only his.

'She is beautiful, even as she tends gardens,' he thought. 'Face covered in mud.' He laughed. How beautiful she was, even when he was invisible to her.

She was the gardener's daughter. 'The rose among the thorns!' the barrel-shaped man would boast. And she was.

He watched as she pulled weeds from the ground, only her head of golden curls visible.

Maybe he would introduce himself to her today. Maybe. Maybe not.

Tonight was a dinner party.

He was to meet his betrothed; a girl of sixteen like he.

It was said she was one of the most fairest maidens in the kingdom.

He did not agree.

The fairest maiden was the girl twenty feet below his window, tending to the garden.

She looked up then.

But she did not see him. She brushed her long golden hair back, smiling at the sun.

He was jealous of the sun; that which she smiled so beautifully at.


He "loved" another now. She was the opposite of the girl who he loved one-sided. All dark hair and sullen smiles.

She had died; the one he loved.

And, per his request, she was buried close.

Near the roses she loved to tend so much.

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