Letting go - Part III: Forgiveness
Letting go - Part III: Forgiveness  mistake stories

isaneiv just a fakedeadpoet
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Last part of a story it has only began

Letting go - Part III: Forgiveness

I am not ready to forgive

Although there’s a weight I intend to set free

The cuts they made are still unhealed

Strikes again the destiny I did not sealed

Somehow my thoughts spread salt across my limbs

Soon the scars will appear in my skin

What a terrible half-irony

Not surprising since self-hatred tyranny

Seems to always win

So now I sit here so silently

Quietly weighing my gains and losses

All my malefactors crosses

And I realize how lightly they must weight

As I see no regret in their mistake

Thus, to them it mustn’t be it

Truthfully, I must do forgive them for me

If they see no wrong in what they’ve done

Maybe, I should carry none

I guess only time foresees

When I’m ready to forgive

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