Letting go - Part I: End of Scene
Letting go - Part I: End of Scene clown stories

isaneiv just a fakedeadpoet
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The first part of a story of loss and healing

Letting go - Part I: End of Scene

Maybe you should be on stages

You fooled me a million times

You’re really good at faking

And each time I cried like it was the first time

Now I cannot unsee what I do

A perfect arsonist, inflammable

You took a house built on love

And you tore it apart like it was paper

Was I the court jester?

Was I foreign in this kingdom?

Could I have been replaced faster?

Will I ever receive what I gave? No, I don’t think so

And when the masks drop

Who’s to blame?

Is it the victim’s fault?

Or is it the killer’s cross?

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