More Than An Embarrassment- Chapter One
More Than An                    Embarrassment-
Chapter One the owl house stories

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Luz begins to doubt her importance to Eda and thinks she is an embarrassment after a surprise visit from a stranger.

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More Than An Embarrassment- Chapter One

by From my archiveofourown account

When Luz Noceda comes bursting into her life, Eda Clawthorne thought nothing of it. It would only be six weeks and knew nothing would change.

But when Luz Noceda came trailing back to her after The Emperor Coven incident ,

Eda Clawthorne knew that until the unknown future her life would be changed and she had to make a huge adjustment.

To be seen as a single mother at seventeen to someone just a few years younger than her and Poison Business failing,

it was the love of Luz and King that gave her enough determination to keep pushing.

King, while may not like showing it, was like an older brother to Luz. And Luz, a once distant child, had grown close and become a personified ray of sunshine.

A ray of sunshine that had latched on to Eda like she was the second coming..

"Mother and Father can say what they want, Lilith. They know where I left and have never come to check up on me after me almost dying.

" Eda was crouched down beside the distant road just to the far side of Bones burrow.

Beside her was a basket filled with some wild edibles, she prayed didn't affect Luz negatively or make her sick enough to need a Healer.

With most of her snails going to rent, she barely had enough to cover the monthly payment for Luz to have lunch at school.

"If they truly cared, they would have stopped by to be properly introduced to Luz and check up on me, their youngest daughter."

"Mother and Father are embarrassed by you, Edalyn. They would be willing to accept that you dropped out of school, took in a weak demon and a human.

But, our parents cannot accept that you have proclaimed yourself to be guardian of the human and living in poverty because your selfish ways.

" Her elder sister, Lilith Clawthorne, sat on her pristine white staff, grimacing at the odor and appearance of her little sister.

She was a far cry from the misbehaving and bouncing teen just a few years ago. Now, she was thin, sickly, and scavenging for wild edibles for a few extra bites during a meal.

"I have been always in an embarrassment in Mother's and Father's eyes when I could never meet to their strict standards for my grades!

And if they think of parenting a child who just sealed her way back to her only family, they can stick it up their ass and crap it out the other end.

" Eda smiled victoriously when she found a small clump of Eldercherry leaves.

While they couldn't be eaten,

they made good for teas and helped with the constant fevers that Luz had been developing the past few weeks and a good replace in Willow Pain Reliever Potion that she could no longer afford

to buy regular like when she first came to live under her roof.

"Tell them if they really worry about me, they could who knows, maybe help me like they did with Josephine and you, when you first moved out or in times of struggle."

"Josephine and I finished school," Lilith grumbled. "And have a reliable job unlike you."

Eda, talon like fingers digging into the soft earth, almost cursed as she saw the wild edibles were being broken with her attention being half on her task.

Throwing the still salvable halves into her basket, she sighed, shoulders slumping. The argument of the difference between her and her sisters' had been old as time themselves.

Though, in the past it had been about her grades and her misbehavior.

Now, with Luz in her life, the conversation had been turn onto the embarrassment she was for raising a human and how it was staining the Clawthorne reputation.

But still, much to her annoyance, it was all the same, never ending bickering.

"Sister, I would have to say that I agree. Although she may show potential of magical proficiency, she is still human and considered a pet by many.

" Lilith moved over to her sister, placing a hand on her mud encrusted fingers.

With a quick flick of her hand and a blue circle, the last few wild edibles in sight were plucked from the ground and placed in her basket.

Taking a step back and allowing her little sister room, she met her gray-golden eyed gaze.

"You don't know how you are getting yourself into when it comes time for the family reunion in a few weeks, Edalyn.

Do you truly want to put your pet through the whispers and the stares like you experienced because Father was unfaithful just one time to create you with another women?"

"Wait, right there, Lilith!" Eda gripped tightly onto the basket before marking up the steep embankment to meet her older sister eye to eye.

"What Father did was terrible and insolent but don't you dare compare his selfish misdeed to what I am doing with Luz! Luz is her own person and doesn't have a soiled past like Father does.

She is an innocent ten-year-old little girl and deserve nothing of what you are comparing her two.

" Sidestepping her,

she prepared to head back to where she had stored her staff so she could go to the booths that were handing out a few loaves of dry and out of date bead to go with the wild edibles she

had gathered for the evening meals the next few nights. "You can say all you want about me but don't put her as the same level as Father's misdeed, got it?"

"While I know we should speak out mind to speak ill to the Covenness but Eda is correct." Mr.

Parker-John stopped to the side of the bickering sister pair, his husband coming to a stop beside him.

"It does nothing but harm to compare a child to the misdeeds of someone else when they have done nothing to even tarnish the reputation of the family."

Eda pinched the bridge of her nose, realizing that it would do any good to make the trek to the other side of Bonesbrough today when all she was going to get were people arguing around her.

Strapping the lid onto the basket, she put it onto her back and turned to the Parker-John's parents.

"Are on the way to pick up, Willow from my house?" she asked, brushing a strand of her messy hair behind her hair.

"She mentioned something about you guys coming over but didn't really hear what for before leaving."

"Actually, we wanted to give this to you." The younger Mr. John-Parker revealed a large basket from where he stood.

"Willow was telling us how Luz wasn't getting much to eat and how Blood beets were affecting her so we cleared some food items from our pantry and fridge for you.

We hoped that we haven't overstepped any boundaries but I thought it would help you until your business began to pick up again."

Eda blinked in shock but gave an accepting nod. "Thank you," she said, taking the box from them. "You haven't stepped over any boundaries and lifted some weight off my shoulders.

" Bidding them good bye, she turned to her older sister.

"Lilith, tell Mother and Father, if they truly want to do any good, they can come to speak to me and meet their new granddaughter, if they truly care."

With one final nod to Mr. Joh-Parkers, she turned around and began the walk to where she had stored her staff.

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