It's Raining

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irenemccormick it's eye-jeye not eye-jay ;)
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The cat is glaring from the window sill

It's Raining

The cat is glaring from the window sill, Giving me the looks that kill It’s all my fault that there is rain, He’s working out what form of pain

Will he lie in the hall, A trip… a fall, Or dart from a space, So I drop on my face

But the shake of a bag. And his face looks less sad Those small treats of chicken Now his lips he is licking With wee drops of heaven It seems I’m forgiven

The other jumps in Totally soaked to the skin He shakes, then he yells Kitty treats what he smells Half a dozen to him He inhales them in.

Both felines are happy Though the weather is crappy It’s alright for them I have school walk in 10! IJx

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