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iowamamaof3 I just like to write...is that so wrong?
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It was a simple question...

Unexpected dream

It was a simple question. Will you go out with me?

I stared at him because I never thought of going out with him.

I said yes, because why not!? He's good looking and very sweet.

He took me to a beautiful restaurant and we talked for hours.

After dinner we went walking in an 'enchanted' garden.

It was all dreamy with lights overhead.

Huge flowers in bloom lending their heady scents.

Birds quietly chirping as to not completely disturb the quiet.

A sensory overload.

He gently took my hand and we shared a shy smile.

He turned out to be so unexpected.

A true gentleman.

We sat on a bench and looked at the lights strung from tree to tree.

Like motionless fireflies in the night.

Even tho it was forbidden he plucked a daisy and handed it to me.

I was so thrilled because daises are my favorite.

It was like a dream I never knew I wanted to have.

Sitting there surrounded by natures beauty.

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