The Farm - revisted (1 of 5) by iowamamaof3
The Farm - revisted  (1 of 5)
by iowamamaof3 the walking dead stories

iowamamaof3 I just like to that so wrong?
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Fan fiction - The Walking Dead
Part 2

The Farm - revisted (1 of 5) by iowamamaof3

She quietly approached the farm in the early morning as to not attract too much attention to herself. It was very quiet and so far she hadn't able to locate the morning lookout.

As she neared the camp that was set up outside the farm house The Leader came around the corner of a tent that was pitched there and he stopped dead in his tracks and pulled his gun.

"Daryl, Shane....get out here" The Hot Head & The Bow Hunter came running towards them, weapons drawn. She raised her arms in surrender as The Bow Hunter grabbed her back pack off her shoulders.

The Leader said "What are you doing here" She told them she had been watching their group for a couple of days and thought they looked like people she could trust.

She lost her family 3 weeks ago and since then she has been looking for a new group to belong to.

The Bow Hunter asked "Do ya have more weapons? " She answered yes and proceeded to show him the hand gun in her waistband, the knife in the sheath at her waist & another in her left boot, as well as the other items in the backpack. The Bow Hunter took them all from her.

"Who else is with you?" asked The Hot Head. "No one" she replies "I have been alone the past 3wks" The Hot Head rubs his head and says "There ain't no way this little bit survived 3 weeks on her own Rick"

The rest of the group gathered around by this time as they were are curious as to who had cause them to be rudely awaken. The Leader, Rick, could see she was about the fall over from exhaustion.

He told her to follow him and he sat down with her to find out her story. And in the back of his mind he wonders what type of girl is she.

She was able to survive alone in this new world for three weeks and she was able to watch them without being detected for a couple of days. He was anxious to find out about her.

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