Return to the Farm (2 of 5)
Return to the Farm (2 of 5) zombie apocalypse stories

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The Walking Dead Fan fic
Part 1

Return to the Farm (2 of 5)

As she sat with Rick, the leader of this group, she explained to him what had happened to her since the outbreak. She was with her deadbeat dad and two young sisters.

Her mother died long ago & her sister's mother left them after the youngest was born. They had always been poor, her dad was always out of work & she was the one who took care of her sisters.

Looking & hunting for food was something she had always done. After a short while they had to start traveling because they were out of food & overrun by the undead.

They traveled to her uncle's home & her uncle was the only one left of his family. This uncle was her father's brother and just as pathetic as her dad.

They continued to expect her to take care of everyone. They were lazy & worthless at protecting or providing for the 5 of them.

Rick asked her 3 questions. How many walkers have you have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?

She told him that she had killed many of the undead, too many to count. She said it wasn't much different than hunting she had done since she was about 7 years old.

As far as people, 1, she had killed 1. Why? Because he was always a deadbeat and an abuser and when he decided that she was too old for his abuse he turned his eyes on her younger sister.

When she noticed the same look in his eye that he gave her when she was her sister's age she knew she couldn't allow it. She slit her father's throat in his sleep.

He asked where her sisters are now. Sadly, she told him that she went on a food run & her uncle failed to protect the two little girls.

When she returned they were both dead and her cowardly uncle was cornered by two undead. She let them attack him before she killed them.

Then she allowed him to turn in case the cross over was painful and she wanted him to suffer. When he came at her she shot his undead body in the head.

Rick was impressed that this girl who was only 20 years old could handle all that she had to survive.

He told her they are leary of outsiders & that he wasn't sure if the group would allow her to join them.

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