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On a recent trip back home I ventured into my old room.

My old room

On a recent trip back home I ventured into my old room.

I never had much reason to venture to the 2nd floor of my parents home.

So, it had been MANY years since I entered this room.

When I walked up that narrow staircase memories came flooding back.

Dark nights walking down these steps to get a drink or use the bathroom.

Play fights with my brothers where we almost fell down this same staircase.

My little sister first learning to scale these steps with her tiny legs.

Storming up the steps in anger when I didn't get my way.

I walked up and headed to the left where my bedroom was the 2nd door.

As the room flooded with light my memories again came at me.

I occupied this room for only a few years but it seemed so much smaller than I remember.

I remember spending many days and nights here.

Listening to music, drawing, writing, dreaming.

I remember when I got my own phone and spent hours talking with friends.

I had many happy memories of that room.

It is crazy to think one small room can bring back so many memories.

It was a fun trip down memory lane.

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