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A challenge issued by @psycho_bates

Mr. Blue

He followed me each night into the darkness of my own creation.

In dreams he would be there watching & waiting.

Each night I would try to out run him going faster and faster.

He walked at a steady pace but no matter how fast I ran he was right there.

Reaching out to grab me.

Sometimes he would grab me and I would suddenly awake.

Other times he would take me off into a deep dark cave.

I could smell the moist wet air and feel the chill of the darkness.

Once I was walking through a neighborhood that seemed very familiar.

Each tree, the colorfully painted houses, the cracks in the sidewalk.

This time I didn't see him after me but I felt his presence & swear heard his breathing.

The farther I walked the more I felt the need to check over my shoulder.

It was starting to get dark and then I remembered, Mr Blue never visited me in the daylight.

That is when I realized I was no longer in a dream.

Mr Blue was standing right in front of me.

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