Mother of an Addict

Mother of an Addict hearbreak stories

iowamamaof3 I just like to that so wrong?
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In the younger years I was a mother of denial.....

Mother of an Addict

In the younger years I was a mother of denial

A mother who thought "not my child" We didn't raise her to be like that

One day I had to face the facts

My daughter was, in fact, AN ADDICT

It broke my heart into a thousand pieces I was crushed

Nothing mattered more to her than her next fix

It didn't matter how hard I tried to help

She wasn't ready to help herself

She used and abused us

But, I am her mother

How could I say no

After years of this I realized

I had become an enabler It had to stop

Enter in, Tough Love

It was the hardest thing I have ever done

But also the best

Eventually she went to rehab

She got clean

Now she is a mother of 2 beautiful children

She holds a job

Has her own apartment

I have my daughter back

It makes my mother heart so happy & proud

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