Midnight kiss

Midnight kiss  stranger stories

iowamamaof3 I just like to write...is that so wrong?
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New Year's Eve was always her favorite

Midnight kiss

New Year's Eve was always her favorite

She bought a new dress each year

A new dress for a new year

This year was no exception

She dressed with care

Making sure everything was perfect

She always wished for the special kiss at midnight

But, so far it hadn't happened

She arrived at the party full of hope & excitement

She located her friends

They danced the night away

Everyone was getting ready for the countdown

Again she had no one to share that midnight kiss with

As the count down began she spied a man with bright blue eyes

He headed towards her with a delicious wicked smile

She looked nervously around her to make sure he was looking at her

3... 2..... 1....

He embraced her and kissed her with passion & experience she had never known

As the kiss ended she stood frozen with delight

He smiled at her, still cupping her face

He kissed her on the forehead and walked away

She never knew who the stranger was but he made her wish come true with his midnight kiss

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