Memories of my Grandparents
Memories of my Grandparents art stories

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This is my tattoo It is memory of 3 very special people

Memories of my Grandparents

This is my tattoo

It is memory of 3 very special people

I waited for years to finally figure out what I wanted for a tattoo

I wanted it to have meaning

I didn't just want to get one to say I have one

I wanted it to be a statement piece

HOPE ALL IS WELL is in my paternal grandmother's handwriting. I was fortunate to have corresponded with her via letters for about 4 years before died. I kept them all.

On the day I got the call from my dad telling me that she had died, I pulled out my pile of letters written in her scratchy handwriting.

A bunch of them fell to the ground and on the top of the pile was the letter with those words written on the outside.

It made me cry, of course. I felt like it was her reminding me one more time that all would in fact be well.

BYE FOR NOW is my maternal grandmother's handwriting. I have a letter she wrote to my mother on the day of my birth.

It is so special to have this treasure as she shares her excitement about the birth of her first born grandchild, ME.

At the end of the letter she tells my mother she can't wait to return from vacation to meet me with the sentiment Bye Bye for now.

PSALM 91 is written in my husband's maternal grandfathers handwriting. He was the Patriarch of my husbands family. Always leading with wisdom and insight.

He could make any day brighter with his smile & his words of encouragement. Psalm 91 was his life verse. He had it memorized and would pray over his entire family every morning.

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