It's all in the eyes
It's all in the eyes dating stories

iowamamaof3 I just like to that so wrong?
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Story about suspicions & truth in the eyes.

It's all in the eyes

by iowamamaof3

I could feel the deception as I walked in to the room

The heaviness weighed on my heart

It was almost too much to bear

I almost turned around to leave

But, I held my head high and walked on through

I made small talk and plastered a smile on my face

I could see him from across the room

That beautiful face with an ugly heart

My feet wouldn't move

I was frozen in place

My breathing was shallow & I thought I might faint

I scanned the room for HER

There she was, clothed in red. A fitting color.

Her outward loveliness radiated to all those around

Her heart was hidden so none could see

The ugliness that dwells there

I caught his eye, he winked with a smile

My heart was racing and I nodded towards HER

I could see it...he knew that I knew

A look of panic came over him

It was all I needed to confirm my suspicions

The answer was all in the eyes

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