Maybe they’re demons, maybe it’s just me
Maybe they’re demons, maybe it’s just me demons stories

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when demons take a troll outside my head, crawling down my fingers on this page

By: Ioana Moldovan

Maybe they’re demons, maybe it’s just me

by Ioana Moldovan

I've tried to bury my worries beneath the cold ground I was in, but failed to do so, because they always crippled right back in.

So I stood in silence, hoping for the darkness to come in.

But my silence was never empty, nor was I ever alone, because my demons always liked to come and go.

So I stopped enjoying silence and I asked for them to leave, but somehow this made me lonely, so I asked them to come back and see me.

Maybe I was the demon asking for peace and even though this dreadful silence, felt more like a warm blanket it still shuddered my whole self.

My brain's a wooden box filled with many voices talking.

Maybe they're demons, maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the chaos within me.

I think, maybe, it's time to let my demons out to play.

So the question is: Could you bare to stand?

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