Secrets to Life and Entrepreneurship with Galen Buckwalter, original Chief Scientist at eHarmony

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Galen Buckwalter, the founding Chief Scientist of eHarmony, shares his advice for living a full life as well as sharing the story of how eHarmony became successful. Galen is now the Chief Scientist at Payoff.

Secrets to Life and Entrepreneurship with Galen Buckwalter, original Chief Scientist at eHarmony

You have to love your work. Love family. Love friends.

Keep things in perspective. Living a full life will make you a happier person.

Watch out for financial stress. It can really ruin your life

Don't get into the habit of funding things off your credit cards. Credit card debt is the worst thing. Keep some money on the side.

In the startup world, you have to work. You want to work

But if you do it at the exclusion of a full life, you won't achieve success. Keep things in perspective and live the completeness of your life.

Ask yourself if this is really what you want to do.

For everything, startups, career, life. For startups, they are a lot of effort. There is nothing like it. You have to love it. If you don't, it won't work.

Ask yourself if you can endure the pain

We recently went through a round of layoffs. It hurts. Emotionally, it hurts in every way. But if you love the idea, man it is fun. When you get your victories, even the small ones are awesome

eHarmony wasn't an instant success. Things take time

We didn't see traction until 3 years after we launched. It wasn't taking off. We did not see a hockey stick growth.

At one point, we were ready to shut down.

Money was really tight. But we really thought we had something capable of helping people. The fire kept us going. To find one more angel to help us get through payroll

And finally, in 2003, it did take off.

We did a series on a Christian radio show. And it just worked. Giving up would have been easy. We fought on because we believed the vision. It was a wild ride. Know what you're getting into.

What I'm excited for in our future:

Integrating more science into startups, where science is the center piece of the company. For dating, I also think it'll be interesting to see more social media data used in matching

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Thanks Galen!

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Awesome interview Galen!!! Thanks for doing it!

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Great story and great advice!