Meet The Star Behind HBO's Silicon Valley: Richard Hendricks
Meet The Star Behind HBO's Silicon Valley: Richard Hendricks silicon-valley stories

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An interview with actor and comedian Thomas Middleditch, who plays Richard Hendricks in the hit HBO show Silicon Valley. Thomas shares his past, his inspiration, and some behind the scenes action of Silicon Valley. Wonder if Richard ever hooks up with Monica? Want to know how Richard does the vomit scenes? Want to know what to expect for the next season? It's all here.

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Meet The Star Behind HBO's Silicon Valley: Richard Hendricks

A chat with Thomas Middleditch

I was always a shy boy. But I had this real ham inside of me

I’d do a wacky smile but I was very introverted. I was bullied a fair amount. It was my 8th grade drama teacher & high school drama teacher up in Canada that really got me into acting & comedy

There's no map going from a tiny town in Canada to Hollywood

I just took whatever was in front of me. I worked on a cruise ship. I did improv. I walked dogs. I did odd jobs and random shit to pay the bills.

You need a healthy amount of delusion to do this

I may be walking dogs today, but tomorrow, I'm going to be whoever I want to be. I'm glad now that I got my foot in the door. I want to continue to grow both in comedy and drama.

My 2nd dream job is to make a video game

After I gain some capital, I also want to do some investing. Have a few pals who are willing to take me under their wing. Speaking of investing, let's talk a bit about the show Silicon Valley

Filming Silicon Valley is so much fun

Most of us knew each other from before and get along really well. We have a really good time on set with each other

I'm a computer nerd. Acting awkward was natural

The Richard Hendricks character came naturally. Back in high school, I used to host LAN parties. I know the type if not for me being an awkward guy.

The vomit scenes in Season 1 were tasty.

We used Naked. The fruit smoothy stuff mixed with little bits of banana chunks. I ended up eating and drinking a lot of it.

Richard hooking up with Monica, the VC lady?

Think season 4 episode 1 of Girls with the butt scene. Haha no. Squash all romantic interests between Richard and Monica. No, well. You'll see.

This upcoming season has been my favorite thus far

I had a total blast filming it. I think people will like it.

Oh, one last thing:

Take care of your pets. Have them neutered. Longevity for the environment.

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