Interview with Eric Manlunas, Managing Partner at Wavemaker Partners
Interview with Eric Manlunas, Managing Partner at Wavemaker Partners stories

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An interview Eric Manlunas with the co-founder and Managing Partner at Wavemaker Partners, a Venture Capital firm in Southern California

Interview with Eric Manlunas, Managing Partner at Wavemaker Partners

Wavemaker Partners is an early stage venture capital fund

w/ about $110M assets under management across multiple funds. We invest in promising founders who are determined to tackle industry pain points with large addressable markets.

Aside from being former startup founders ourselves

Our other differentiation is our dual market coverage --- we invest in opportunities both in Southern California and Southeast Asia.

I was a 2x time startup founder myself I can empathize w/ the founders' whacky startup journey. Obviously, I'm always happy to help when asked.

I am especially excited about Edtech and Fintech

especially solutions in those verticals that address "bottom of the pyramid types of problems" or in other words solutions that help uplift the well being of the underserved

Most VCs believe in making small number of bets

" so they can help make them succeed." I believe early stage, VCs should broaden the scope of their bets to mitigate the unpredictable and binary nature of the asset class.

What most founders get wrong:

Lots of founders underestimate the amount of time & resources it takes to achieve product market fit. Always assume that it will take 3x longer & 3x more expensive that your original estimate

Don't be narrow minded and near sighted...

That's the worse combination an entrepreneur can have. Don't be afraid to blaze a trail & go against the grain. Finally, stay away from negative people..they have a problem for every solution!

To get my attention if fundraising:

Metrics are the best way to get attention but solving a true chronic industry problem is equally attention grabbing.

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