Interview with Dennis Crowley, Founder of Foursquare
Interview with Dennis Crowley, Founder of Foursquare stories

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Dennis is the co-founder of Dodgeball (acquired by Google) and Foursquare, which has over 50 million monthly active users. We were very lucky to catch up with him and hear some of his advice about building startups!

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Interview with Dennis Crowley, Founder of Foursquare

Why do you think Foursquare has been so successful?

We have incredible smart people motivated to solve really hard problems. It really comes down to the fact that brilliant people want to work alongside other brilliant people.

What does Foursquare need to do to continue its success?

Stay focused on the problems we're trying to solve. Keeping the culture fun and transparent so the best and brightest want to continue to work here.

What advice would you give to founders of consumer apps?

As my dad once said: "you can't eat newspapers!" (aka: PR/press) Eventually you'll need to find a way to monetize the product you are building, so don't leave that out of the masterplan.

What intrigues you about the location space?

All the awesome things we'll be able to do in the future always consistently seem to be another 18 months away.

Anything that surprised you about building Foursquare?

How hard it was. And that it often gets harder (much harder!) before it gets easier. My role changed so much since we started. I had to work hard to get my role back to what it was

How would you describe the Foursquare culture?

Brilliant people working together to solve hard problems. We're super transparent. We believe we're inventing the future & we try not to take ourselves too seriously. There are no "bro-grammers"

What was the decision like to step away from the CEO role?

Empowering. I handed off my baby to two of our strongest business leaders and I feel super confident about the future.

I get to go back to working on the building new products that can shape the future.. which is exactly the reason we started this thing in the first place :)

Anything you want to add?

Since 2009 people have been telling us Foursquare was never going to work. And 7 years later we're stronger than ever, with the strongest team we've ever had.

"If you listen to the folks who tell you 'you can't do it'

or 'it'll never work' you'll never get anything done."

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