gloomy art stories

interstellar never written before but i want to try:)
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because grey,cloudy skies are how most days go.


My days are like the weather

A lot of the time They’re gloomy Cloudy and grey Like it’s about to rain

There are some days Where the sun shines But not very often

Sometimes It’s raining with the sun out Creating a rainbow Spilling with imaginative thoughts

But I find my comfort In my gloomy days

Maybe because I’m not creating false hopes That only wait around to be broken By the reality I live in

Those gloomy days Where I feel the rain falling on my skin But it’s comfortable Like the rain outside That patters on the windows During a stormy night

Or those gloomy days Where I can just sit around With an empty mind Not twirling in the tornado Of my usual worries

Maybe it dangerous Hanging out in this gloomy weather I’m not sure where it’ll take me

But for now I’d like to rest Under these grey clouds On this gloomy day.

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