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interstellar never written before but i want to try:)
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message for my mom (which I don't have the courage to give in person)

dear mother

Dear mother My one and only There are so many words I have yet to tell you But the courage Is not there

When you ask “are you okay?” “how was your day?” I can only reply “I’m fine” “it was okay”

I’m sorry dear mother Because my own mind has exhausted me

I’m so sorry Because I’m weak I could never be strong as you But I cannot break you either

So I breathe only for you I don’t want to give you any more pain Because you already have so much

Even though you never cry And put up a strong front I want you to know It’s okay to cry

Because even if you cry in front of me You will always be a brave woman in my eyes A strong mother Because you’re my mother

Thank you for giving me everything I’m sorry for returning nothing

I love you

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