When The Sun Died

          When The Sun Died sciencefiction stories

inspiringwriter ~let me seed a kiss in your heart~
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The Sun finally burnt out... No more warmth for Earth. What happens now, when no new Sun rebirths?

When The Sun Died

I tried a series of haiku’s? I’ve never done this before so please send feedback ❤️

The fiery star began ticking in and out Frosted the surface The land became cold Frosted; Uneasy to keep Our sparkling world dying outside The winter’s frosting Devoured our frozen world Multiple crisps deaths

Our surface flurried The frigid land despaired in snow Beneath the living seams Earth became like many of us Planets adapted The core began warm Frozen like the land above No planet existed

No lives aware now Forever in the darkness We are in shallows In the wide darkness Earth’s endings brought to the light Earth’s fate abandoned Light can't resurface Milky Way left in the dark No future remains

For The Science Fiction Contest! I know I won’t win but I enjoyed making this one!

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