Startup Advice with Venture Capitalist Brian Holmes
Startup Advice with Venture Capitalist Brian Holmes vc stories
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Some startup advice with venture capitalist Brian Holmes from First Ascent Associates.

Startup Advice with Venture Capitalist Brian Holmes

Startups often are all about the people.

It helps if you've done it before and have learned the lessons. It's an interesting mix between conviction and being realistic and adapting.

Founders need to be real about what is working

It is easy to trick yourself into thinking that things are going well when they aren't. Founders need to realize what isn't working and adapt quickly.

It's really easy to test things in today's world

You don't need a ton of resources. If you have an idea, try to hack something together and see what happens

Learn from the people you know

Raising money is not easy. My partner Jeff did early stage financing his whole career and used his network to help raise money. My father has also been a great mentor, using his network to help.

Avoid outsourcing development

It's important to have the team in one room. I outsourced development for my first company and wouldn't do it again.

Our fund, First Ascent Associates, focuses on helping.

We are very personable and are 1 on 1 with founders as needed. We try to find out what they need help with in product cycles.

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