The Unspoken Words
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inkspotz and Wattpad writer
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This is the most personal thing I've written.

The Unspoken Words

by inkspotz

I love you.

I love you unlike anyone I have before.

You understand me in a way that no one has. You have heard my quirks, and still find me awesome anyway.

But can I tell you how I feel? Each time I look at you, the words die before they pass my lips. A blush speaking the unspoken words between us.

I chide myself when I let another night go by without telling you. I fear I will lose you in my silence.

What if another girl is lucky enough to win your heart? What if you find someone else to spend your life with, and I slip away?

If I really love you (and I do) I'll let you go. As long as you're happy, I am too.

But that hasn't happened yet. There is still time to voice these unspoken words.

My window is small, but it may be just enough time for me to bear my heart to you.

Writing is the only way in which I think I'll ever be brave enough to say what I really want to say. So, here goes nothing I suppose.

So, my dear, if you're reading this, I have a question for you. Do you love me too?

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basharasweetBronze CommaWriter hopefully...
5 months agoReply
Many people can relate differently! well written!

iammeAnd the sunflowered moon whistled
5 months agoReply
Beautiful, Love.

lotusmystiekGifted Writerstill as depressing as always
5 months agoReply
@inkspotz I really do hope he reads this, it's so sweet!

ReasonsofbeingBronze CommaTo know me, read me (;
5 months agoReply
@inkspotz OH MY GODDDD! this has got to be the sweetest confession i've ever seen <3333 you've got to tell us what happens!!!

inkspotzGifted and Wattpad writer
5 months agoReply
@emembarty I have not shown it to him yet, no. I'm honestly still afraid to. xD He knows I have this account though, so if he ever decides to read my works, he'll see it.

5 months agoReply
this is so sweet!! have you shown to this your love?