The Crying Wolf
The Crying Wolf idiot stories

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A person can only be believed so many times.

The Crying Wolf

by inkspotz

Jenning sat on the trunk of the car, staring out at the silent surroundings while waiting for his friend to return with extra gas. He needed to fool Trenton. It had been too long.

With a smirk, Jenning thought back on how many times he had already fooled Trenton.

Trenton would always get upset at him for "crying wolf" and had told him that sooner or later he would pay for his "messing about". Jenning shook his head. He was just a spoil sport.

Seeing headlights slowly approaching the vehicle on the shoulder of the road, Jenning moved to put his prank in action.

He laid down in front of the car right near the wheels. Like he had done a hundred times before. The car stopped, and he could hear Trenton's voice floating through the air.

"This is it," thought Jenning. "He'll see me and flip." BANG. BANG. "Thanks for the lift back, Jerry. I got gas now." "No problem, Trenton."

CLINK GUZZLE "Hey Trenton, why did you come out here?" "Just to take everything in, Jerry. That's all." CLICK "Here's your gas can back, Jerry. Thank you for that as well."

"No problem, Trenton. See you around." "Same to you, Jerry." BANG. VROOM. "There," thought Jenning. "He has to notice me now and flip out."

Zzrrrrr Jenning heard the car coming to life, sitting up with a pout. Trenton was no fun to fool with anymore. Getting up he moved to get in the passenger seat.

"You're no fun anymore, Trenton." Trenton ignored him, instead staring ahead of him at some sort of spot in the darkness.

"I wish you had learned your lesson, Jenning, before it became too late," said Trenton softly as he started to drive off.

Trenton reached to throw a CD case into the empty passenger seat after he had put a CD in the player.

"Man," thought Trenton as he drove down the road. "I wish the ghost of Jenning would stop haunting me,and making me come out to visit his final resting place."

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