No Take Backs
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inkspotz and Wattpad writer
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In life, you can only move on. There are no take backs.

No Take Backs

by inkspotz

"How could you do that?" They all screech the same thing; dying for their voices to be heard.

No one will hear them, and be able to change what has happened. It has happened. We need to all move on.

It gets so hard to even want to pick up the paper anymore. In my disorganized apartment, all I want to do is stay in bed all day.

With everything that has happened, I just want to shut out the world. It's easier to survive if you can tune it all out.

I've been told it's only downhill from here; that there is no way to climb out of this hole. I didn't need anyone telling me that though. I could see it for myself.

I wish people would stop reminding me of all that has happened in such a way that it only leaves me hurting.

Sometimes there are gentler ways to help others see a different outcome.

I suppose there is only one thing I have left to say.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I gave birth to it.

It's amazing what a few negative reviews by nasty people can do to your creative writing spark.

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