Light in the Darkness (Part 1)
Light in the Darkness (Part 1) yabc1 stories

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Charlaine and Evan hear a life changing announcement. (Told from Evan's point of view).

Light in the Darkness (Part 1)

by Ink Spotz

I can't remember a time before the war. Everything seems to be colored by it now. The past that I'm longing for now is rusted by the war; it's all faded and crumbling apart.

Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing will ever allow me to just be that kid from Brooklyn with the carefree attitude and my best friend by my side.

If I had to think back to a time before the war though, I'd think back to the time when the president first announced that we were about to enter what was later deemed as World War 2.

I was taking care of my best friend, Charlaine Myers, like I did most days. She was one of those people who was born with a sickly disposition, and was in need of constant care.

Not that I minded at all. She was truly my best friend.

We had just gotten a radio I had bought at a pawn shop to work,and we were sitting on the bed together while we listened to it; the window open to allow the sounds from outside to enter the room.

“Seventeen of these...” I had muttered as I looked down at the sketches that lay haphazardly all over the bed spread. “When's it enough?...”

Charlaine didn't answer me, of course. It wasn't surprising to me that she had drawn seventeen different sketches in a relatively short amount of time, but I always liked trying to get her goat.

As I looked at her though, I noticed her eyes take on a distant look as she moved to stare at the radio as if it had grown a third head.

Cocking a brow, I had turned to adjust the volume on it, listening to the announcer as he talked.

The announcer was talking about how the president had a special announcement. As the two of us sat on the bed together in our little hovel in Brooklyn, it was then that our lives changed forever.

The president announced that the United States would finally be entering the war.

Now that the United States was entering the war, I really had no other choice. The thought that someone was trying to take the right to freedom away was not okay with me.

I always made a move to stand up for what I believe in, and this was one of those cases. I would do my country proud. I would protect her freedom, and I would do it no matter the cost.

Even if that cost happened to be my own life.

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