Just Let Me Go
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Lies was all you were.

Just Let Me Go

Lying through your teeth

Lies are running through your head.

I can't believe you at all.

No, not a single word you've said.

You tricked me once before.

That is a fact.

But even if you regret what you've done,

You can't have me back.

You missed that window.

You missed out on me.

I'll admit I was sad at first,

But now I'm glad to be free.

Away from that lie you lived

Away from that lie you breathed

Away from that lie that was too good to be true

Away from that lie that, at the time, broke me.

Though you hurt me, I don't hate you

I did love you once, albeit for a small time.

But there is nothing wrong with not wanting to see you.

Wanting my distance from you is not a crime.

So wherever we might cross paths,

There is one thing I want you to know.

I'll never be in your corner again.

You need to just forget me. Just let me go.

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