Guy With A Heart Wanted
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An unusual wanted ad.

Guy With A Heart Wanted

It's 2018 already, and still no one presents themselves in my life.

I mean, I didn't think I was asking too much.

I just...I want to find a guy who gets me.

Who will actually love me despite how broken I am inside.

I mean, we all have our flaws, right?

I just want a guy who appreciates how creative I am.

I want a guy who doesn't mind all my quirks.

I want a guy with a sense of humor,

Who will actually dance with me.

Who won't run away from me.

I want a guy to binge watch movies with me;

To laugh and play board games with.

I want a guy who will marry me;

Who will give me the life I want, and a family.

If you love me, I can guarantee you that I will love you back.

So if you feel you can fit the requirements,

Please just let me know.

I'm tired of crying and constantly fearing,

That I'll spend my life alone.

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