Down To The Wire
Down To The Wire mystery2016 stories

inkspotz and Wattpad writer
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Which of the three wires is the right wire to cut? The choice is right down to the wire!

Down To The Wire

by inkspotz

I was trapped, and the clock only continued to tick down. I could feel sweat prickle the back of my neck.

I stared at the three wires I had for choices. Blue. Green. Red. Which one did I dare cut?

"You have one minute left!" came a voice suddenly from the other side of the wall.

"I know!" I shouted back. I didn't need the added tension. I would blow it big time if I picked the wrong wire, and not just for me either. For the both of us.

"Remember what we have learned during our stay here," piped up the voice again. "Every color represents something."

I closed my eyes. A minute wasn't a lot of time at all to work, but I needed to start narrowing things down for my own sake.

Emotions. Each color represented an emotion. I remembered that now as I stood there. I had to remember that whoever had devised this game did have a heart.

So blue...I stared at the wire held in my hands. What did blue represent? Sorrow...Blue for the tears. Blue for the feeling of hopelessness that sadness brought with it.

I remembered the line then. I remembered it quite clearly, and though time was ticking, it ran through my head. "Cut the blue, and sorrow will befall you." "

Okay. Definitely not cutting the blue wire. That left me with green and red.

"Have you figured it out yet?" cried out the voice again. "I know you can do it!"

I tried to tune the voice out again; trying to focus on what I had to do.

What emotion did green represent? I thought. And I thought. Then it came to me. Green was envy. "Cut the green, and only one will be bestowed with glee".

Okay. So that left the red. Right? Why did it seem so simple? "It has to be red," I called out to the voice that had since fallen silent.

"Then CUT IT!" He yelled. "Time is of the essence."

I closed my eyes, trying to steady myself as I brought the scissors ever closer to the wire.

The wire is now cut. The game is won.

Red represented love, and that's what got the job done. I embraced the owner of the voice on the other side.

Escape rooms were actually a great bonding exercise.

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