Convict, Convict
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inkspotz and Wattpad writer
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Convict, Convict, where are you going to run to? (Decided to write something a bit darker since I've been writing romantic things).

Convict, Convict

by inkspotz

Convict, Convict, where are you going to run to?

You may run, but someone will always find you.

Don't you remember what you did? Don't you feel guilt for your crimes?

The blood that you shed on the glass seems like it forever wants to shine -

It sparkles off the shards, masking your fractured reflection in red.

You are the reason that my parents are dead.

Convict, Convict, where have you run to?

Your options are limited, and very, very few.

You've done this in the past, to your own Mom and Dad.

You can't run forever from the killer inside you. You can't kill that kind of bad.

Convict, Convict, I thought I could love you.

I thought I could help you pay your dues.

But I can't love someone who gives into the temptation like that.

You may run, but you're never going to get me back.

Convict, Convict, is that you outside my door?

- - - - - - -

My fiancee, darling. I'm sorry. This story, like your life, is no more.

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